赤裸裸全身美女不遮掩Plytanium is a trade name, registered to Georgia Pacific, the nation’s largest manufacturer of plywood products. It is their premium softwood plywood product and although not rated as such, it should probably be considered an ACX rated plywood. The Plytanium line of plywood products contains a number of different products, designed for different applications. Plytanium … Read more Plytanium

Vernier Caliper

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Calipers are perhaps the most common instrument in existence for accurate measurement. By “accurate” I’m referring to something more accurate than you can accomplish with a ruler. While we may not think about it, woodworking regularly requires this degree of accuracy. Fitting a mortise and tenon, making a segmented shape like an octagon or a … Read more Vernier Caliper

Aquaponics DIY

aquaponics, garden, greenhouse

Aquaponics has gained a lot of traction in the last few years, especially amongst the prepping and survival community. But it’s not a technology which is limited to those who are preparing to survive disasters. Rather, this is something that anyone who is into gardening can use effectively to grow their own food. While the … Read more Aquaponics DIY

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