Texas Specialty Fasteners (TSF) is a Leading Distributor of Electronic, Mechanical,
Military, and Custom Fasteners for the Manufacturing and Assembly Industries

From Off-the-Shelf to Hard-to-Find Fasteners and HardwareTexas Specialty Fasteners

超碰巨乳97总站中文字幕Texas Specialty Fasteners is committed to locating and providing those hard-to-find fasteners and hardware products. We distribute an extensive line of items from electronic and mechanical hardware to military hardware (AN, MS, NAS), as well as, providing a vast selection of off-the-shelf fasteners.

超碰巨乳97总站中文字幕As a family owned company, TSF sets itself apart from competitors with legendary customer service, expertise and dedication to all our clients. We have provided valued support to an array of customers throughout the country since opening our doors in 1998.